Protocol Handler Launcher general information


Secret Server's launch feature provides users the ability to access their accounts (Windows, Unix, etc.) automatically by clicking an icon on the Secret.  It provides this functionality in one of two ways:
  • As a ClickOnce application (the default)
  • As an installable application (needed, for example, if the user's temp directory is unavailable)
In order to use the installable application (called SSProtocolHandler.msi) use the following steps:
  • First set the Launcher Deployment Type to "Protocol Handler" in Administration >> Configuration.  
  • Then, download the launcher application by going to Tools >> Launcher tools, and click on the link "Download Protocol Handler MSI".  
  • Installation of the application is a simple matter of running the MSI.  (Please note that installation requires administrator privileges.)

Installing by Group Policy

The Protocol Handler application runs without requiring any input from the user.  The installation may be pushed to your network without any special configuration.

For more details please see this KB article

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