Creating a Remote Agent Installer

Root > Secret Server
Below are the steps to generating a usable installer msi file:

1) Navigate to the Administration menu of Secret Server
2) Click the "Remote Password Changing" link
3) Click the "Agent Configuration" button
4) Click the "Edit" button to edit the "Remote Password Changing Agent Configuration"
5) Check the "Enable Remote Agents" checkbox
6) In the Host Name field, enter the IP address and/or DNS hostname of Secret Server and click the "Save" button. The Agent will use this information to connect to Secret Server. If any of the field values is updated, the Agent Installer will need to be re-downloaded and re-installed to reflect the changes.
7) Click the "Download Agent Installer" button.
8) Extract the zip file that is downloaded and run the "SecretServerAgentInstaller.msi" file
9) Follow the installation instructions in the installer and take note of the "Confirmation Code" that is displayed.
10) Go back into Secret Server and click the "Manage Agents" button, your new installed Agent should be there (or will be in a minute or two)
11) Click on the Agent name and then click on the "Activate" button if the Confirmation Code matches what was displayed when you installed.
12) The agent is now available to be used for Heartbeat and RPC.

To use an Agent on a Secret:
1) Open the RPC enabled Secret.
2) Navigate to the "Remote Password Changing" tab.
3) Click the "Edit" button.
4) Choose the agent from the drop-down list and click the "Save" button.

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