Maximum time for offline caching

Root > Secret Server > Mobile

The Maximum Time for Offline Access on Mobile Devices setting in Secret Server Admin > Configuration page can be used to decide how long to cache Secret Server data on the mobile device.  Once the device is not in contact with the server for longer than the specified amount of time,  the device will remove its cache of the stored Secrets.  The only way to view Secrets on the device once the cache is cleared is to connect to the server again so that the Secrets can be re-downloaded and cached. 

An example of cache window:

If Maximum Offline Time is set to 7 days, a iPhone user can cache Secrets. If the iPhone has connectivity every hour the iPhone is used it will check in with the server. Each time the iPhone checks in the 7 days window for cache is extended. So if the user uses the app once every 7 days, the app cache will remain. If the user does not have connectivity (such as in Airplane Mode) or does not turn on the app for longer than 7 days then the next time the app is used the cache will be cleared because the Maximum allowed time offline has been surpassed.


NOTE: Setting the Maximum Time Offline less then hour will prevent the iPhone from caching as the cache window is considered too small.

  • Since caching all Secrets creates an audit record in the database for each Secret, it is recommended that the window not be set too short that users are constantly needing to cache all Secrets.


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