Translating Secret Server to another language

Root > Secret Server
  1. Locate your Secret Server installation on your server. For example, C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\SecretServer
  2. Locate the resources folder.
  3. Copy the folder 9 and paste it. Rename it with the corresponding LCID number of your langauge. Refer to this KB article to determine your language's LCID:
  4. Translate the pages.xml document to your language. For example

      <control controlId="GetMoreLicensesHyperLink">
            <property name="ToolTip" value="Click to be directed to the Secret Server store." />
            <property name="Text" value="Get More Licenses?" />

    Translates as

      <control controlId="GetMoreLicensesHyperLink">
            <property name="ToolTip" value="My Translation" />
            <property name="Text" value="My Translation />

(make sure to save any edits under the encoding UTF-8)

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