Translating Secret Server to another language

Root > Secret Server
  1. Locate your Secret Server installation on your server. For example, C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\SecretServer
  2. Locate the resources folder.
  3. Copy the folder 9 and paste it. Rename it with the corresponding LCID number of your language. Refer to Language LCIDS to determine your language's LCID.
  4. Translate the pages.xml document (the one from the appropriate LCID subfolder of the customresources directory) to your language. For example:

      <control controlId="GetMoreLicensesHyperLink">
            <property name="ToolTip" value="Click to be directed to the Secret Server store." />
            <property name="Text" value="Get More Licenses?" />

    Translates as

      <control controlId="GetMoreLicensesHyperLink">
            <property name="ToolTip" value="My Translation" />
            <property name="Text" value="My Translation />

(make sure to save any edits under the encoding UTF-8)

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