Upgrading Password Reset Server without outbound access

Root > Password Reset Server

Password Reset Server periodically polls our update server to detect for updates. However, if your Password Reset Server is on an internal network that does not have outbound access or goes through a proxy, it will not be able to perform updates.

As of 2.1.00000(for older version please contact support), the recommended method is the using 'Advanced options' to manually select and upload the upgrade file.

File Upload Steps:


  1. From a computer that does have outbound network access, go to the Password Reset Server upgrade wizard by browsing to: http://yourinstance/Installer.aspx?patch=true (filling in your Password Reset Server URL for 'yourinstance').
    NOTE: ?patch=true must be appended to the URL to show the advanced file upload option.
  2. Click the Advanced (not required) to expand the file upload options
  3. Download the latest Version zip from the update link (for example Version_4_1_00000.zip)
  4. In the Upload File dialog select the zip file that was downloaded, and click Upload File
  5. Continue the Installer steps

Note: You should not use the fresh install PasswordResetServer.zip that is first downloaded from thycotic.com, only the update link should be used as there is a difference between the upgrade file and fresh install zip.


Please contact support if you have any issues.

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