Moving Secret Server to another machine

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If you are moving/migrating Secret Server to a new machine and have installed IIS and .NET Framework as described in the Installation Guide on the new machine, you can then follow these steps:


  1. If you use the "Force HTTPS/SSL" option, disable it by clicking Configuration from the Administration menu, and then click the Security tab, and Edit. If you are also moving the SQL Server database, be sure to create a new backup of the database, as this setting is written to it. You can re-enable the "Force HTTPS/SSL" option after you set up and install an SSL certificate on the new machine.

  2. If you have configured encryption of your key using DPAPI, you will also need to turn this off before continuing with step 3. To do so, click Configuration from the Administration menu, then click the Security tab. Click Decrypt Key to not Use DPAPI and enter your Secret Server account password.

  3. Copy the folder that holds your Secret Server instance to the new computer.

  4. Shut down the old web site and recycle its application pool as it is running background threads which are accessing the database.

  5. Set up the new folder in Internet Information Server (IIS), point it to the new Secret Server directory if it is not in the default location. Convert it to an ASP .NET application. (Refer to the Manual Installation section of the Installation Guide for detailed instructions).

  6. If your database server and credentials have not changed, you are now done. If they have changed, follow the steps below.

    1. ​ Delete the database.config file from the secretserver folder (on the ASP.NET/IIS machine).
    2. Restart your new Secret Server website, so it is running.
    3. Browse to your Secret Server URL and you will be prompted to enter your new database connection details.
    4. Enter your new SQL Server and the account information.
    5. Click Next and the site will connect to the new database.
    6. Your site is now pointing the new database.
    7. Activate the licenses for the new server by going to the Licenses page

​Please not that if:

  • You're moving Secret Server from 2008 to 2012 server.



  • Your Secret Server is below version 8.5


Then check that:


  • .Net extensions 3.5 and ASP.Net 3.5 when adding the IIS role on the new server.

  • Change the Secret Server Application Pool to 2.0 and recycle the application pool after running the installer.


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