Stop the Internet Explorer message - "Do you want to allow this webpage to access your Clipboard?"

Root > Secret Server
In Internet Explorer, a prompt may appear confirming that you would like to copy information to clipboard each time you click the  icon in Secret Server.

To prevent this window from appearing each time you need to copy information, you can add your Secret Server site to your Trusted Sites list and modify the clipboard setting for that zone:

      1.       Click the  icon at the top-right corner of the browser window and from the menu click Internet Options.

      2.       Click Security, and then select Trusted Sites.
3.       Click Sites, and then click Add to add your Secret Server URL to the list of websites (use SSL if you use the "Require server verification - https:" option).
4.       Click Close and then click Custom level…
5.       Find the Allow Programmatic clipboard access setting (see image below) and select Enable.
6.       Click OK, and then click Yes to accept the warning in the window that appears.
7.       Click OK to save your changes and close Internet Options.

This will now allow Sites in your Trusted Sites to automatically access your clipboard without prompting you.  Make sure you only add sites that you trust to your Trusted Sites.

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