How to manage DRAC passwords with Secret Server using SSH

Root > Secret Server
This KB article shows how to setup a Dell DRAC to use SSH and then be able to change the root password using SSH.
*Please be sure that the RACADM Command Line Interface installed on the DRAC device. For information on how to install the interface you please click here.

Step 1:  Turn on console access.

 * Enter setup F2
         1. Cursor down to Serial Communications.
         2. Set the other fields to the following.
                o Serial Communication : On with console Redirection via COM2
                o External Serial Connector : Remote Access Device
                o Failsafe Baud Rate : 57600
                o Remote Terminal Type : VT100/VT200
                o Redirection After Boot: Enabled 

         3. Save and exit. 

    * Enter the RAC configuration when prompted CTRL-E

          o Set the ip address to DHCP (or hard set if you prefer)
          o Set the LAN User password to the current console password.
          o Write down the DRAC MAC address.
          o Save and Exit 
You can now take the MAC address and enter that into your DHCP system to give the system an IP address.

Step 2:  Connect via SSH

ssh <machinename> -l root
To get to the console type:
connect com2
Step 3:  Change the root password
racadm config -g cfgUserAdmin -o cfgUserAdminPassword -i 2 <newpassword>

Once SSH is configured on the DRAC, Secret Server can now be configured to access the DRAC and manage the password.  You will need to create a new Password Changer with the specific SSH commands needed.  In Secret Server go to Administration | Remote Password Changing | Configure Password Changers.  Click "New", choose the SSH base changer, click "Save". 
Enter the following for the commands:
2:   connect com2
3:   racadm config -g cfgUserAdmin -o cfgUserAdminPassword -i 2 $NEWPASSWORD

Note that you may need to tweak these commands a little for your specific equipment and configuration but this is the basic method.

Thanks to for an insightful post on this topic ... this article was based on info from that post.

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