Personalizing the Secret Server theme

Root > Secret Server
In Secret Server version 8.5.000000 and earlier, the theme can be personalized by taking the following steps:

1. You can theme Secret Server by opening the web directory of the Secret Server installation and copying one of the directories in the themes folder - you could start by copying the Secret Server - Default folder.

2. Rename the new theme folder to a name of your choice (maybe your company name?).

3. To select this theme, you can log in to Secret Server, select Configuration from the Administration menu, and then click Edit to choose the theme with the name of your new theme folder.

4. Replace logos or images in your new theme folder with those of your company. It may be helpful to use something like FireBug in FireFox to be able to identify the HTML element you want to change and then find the corresponding image or CSS to modify.

5. There is also a file included with Secret Server called ThemeingGuide.txt which can be found in the themes folder.  This file explains the CSS structure.

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