How can I run the PuTTY launcher on a different port? (Custom Launcher)

Root > Secret Server
The PuTTY launcher uses the default ports for SSH.  If you need to use a custom port, you can do this by creating a custom launcher.

1)  To create a Custom Launcher, go to Administration | Secret Templates | Configure Launchers.

Create your custom launcher using the process you want to start (this must be in your PATH), then use the right command line parameters for your tool.

2) The $HOST, $USERNAME, etc.  would map to the names of the fields on your Secret Template.

The field HOST on the Secret Template maps to $HOST in the Process Arguments for the custom launcher. (for example: $HOST is the variable to represent the HOST field)

3) You would then assign this custom launcher to Secrets by going to the Secret Template (Administration | Secret Templates | Pick your Template, then Edit | Configure Launcher.

4) Create a Secret with the Secret Template and try out the Custom Launcher icon.

NOTE: The command line parameters for PuTTY are in the PuTTY documentation under 3.8. (-P is for port)

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