Performance Logging

Root > Secret Server

If Secret Server experiences page loading issues, there is an option available to turn logging on to help track down points where SQL  performance may be causing a problem.  To enable logging an application setting needs to be added.  Adding the setting differs depending on which version of Secret Server you are using.

Locate the web-appSettings.config file in the directory where Secret Server is installed and add the following setting.

<add key="IsPerformanceLoggingEnabled" value="true" />

So it should look like:

< appSettings >
<add key="IsPerformanceLoggingEnabled" value="true" />

After navigating to pages where loading is slow or hanging you can view the log by changing the URL in your address bar to view the AdminPerformance.aspx page.

This log can be helpful in diagnosing an issue if you take a screenshot of the Data and Pages datagrids and add it to a support ticket. (No Secret information is displayed on these grids)

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