Heartbeat and Remote Password Changing for Unix Root Accounts

Root > Secret Server
Unix root accounts typically cannot connect via SSH as a security measure. Therefore, some extra configurations must be made when attempting to use Heartbeat and/or Remote Password Changing for Secrets based off of the Unix Root Account Secret template (or for any other Secret templates using the built-in Unit Root Account password changer):
  1. Navigate to the Secret View Page for your Secret.
  2. Click the Remote Password Changing tab.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Click No Selected Secret.
  5. Select another Unix account Secret that has access to the same machine (this account can not be a root account).
  6. Click Save.
When Heartbeat or Remote Password Changing occur, commands in the password changer will reference the Secret that you have selected using brackets in front of the field reference, such as $[1]$USERNAME, where username is the name of the Secret field, and [1] references the first Secret in the list of Secrets specified on the RPC tab of the Secret. This Secret will then use commands to enable the root account to either change or confirm its password, depending on which operation is taking place.

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