Custom Launcher for SecureCRT (SSH)

Root > Secret Server

The following instructions describe how to set up a custom launcher using SecureCRT:


Step 1: Create the custom launcher

1.     Navigate to Administration > Secret Templates

2.     Click Configure Launchers

3.     Click New

4.     Enter a Launcher Name and select "Process" for Launcher Type.

5.     For Process Name, enter the location and filename of the executable. The location must be on the client machine (the machine that will run the Launcher).

6.     For Process Arguments, enter either your own custom command-line parameters, or one of the following:



7.     Click Save.



Step 2: Create a custom Secret template (optional)

See our User Guide for details on creating a custom Secret template.


Step 3: Associate the Launcher with a Secret template

1.     Navigate to Administration > Secret Templates

2.     Select the desired template from the drop-down menu

3.     Click Edit

4.     Click Configure Launcher

5.     Click Edit

6.     For Launcher Type to user, select your custom Launcher.

7.     Leave Domain set to <blank>

8.     For Password and Username, select Password and Username, respectively.

9.     Click Save.



Now you will be launching SecureCRT whenever you use the Launcher for Secrets based off of this template.


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