Creating custom themes with the Theme Roller

Root > Secret Server
As of Secret Server version 8.6.000000, administrators can create custom themes using a built-in visual designer:
1. From the Administration menu in Secret Server, click More... and then click Themes.
2. Using the Logo drop-down menu, you can choose either the Secret Server logo or to upload your own company logo to be used in the header.  When a company logo is uploaded and selected in the dropdown, all Secret Server themes will use the custom logo immediately.
3. If the Edit Theme tab is unavailable, use New Theme to create your color scheme as desired.  Use the Base Theme drop-down menu and select one of the base palettes, then click Advanced to further customize.
4. If the Edit Theme tab is available, find your theme from the Choose Theme to Edit drop-down menu.
Note   If you received a message during upgrade that your custom themes were not updated automatically, clicking the Edit tab, selecting the theme to update, and then continuing from Step 5 will update your custom theme.
5. Use the Base Theme Color and Advanced options to make any adjustments you may need.  
6. Download your theme or save it if the Save button is visible.
Note   The save button is visible if the account running the IIS application pool has Write access to the Secret Server installation directory and there is only a single web server node running Secret Server.
7. If the theme was downloaded, extract your theme zip file into the themes folder of your Secret Server application directory.  If necessary, replace the existing theme of the same name, this will need to be done on all web servers that have Secret Server installed.
8. If necessary, navigate to Configuration from the Administration menu and then click Edit to select your theme.


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This document could benefit from visual aids to point out which examples on screen correspond to which level. It's a bit cumbersome to have to just change the color and see if it changes what you want. One example that's missing is when a secret is expanded to see the details of it. Have no way to see how it's going to look until you save the change then go view it yourself.
Doug Strick (July 16 at 4:25 PM)
The font used is not that easy to read, is there a way to change font?
Peter Sundelin (September 9 at 10:07 AM)

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