Accessing Secret Server programmatically - PHP with concurrent queries

Root > Secret Server > API - Web Services
Using cURL, PHP can execute multiple web service requests at the same time.  The attached ZIP file contains three files that show examples of the potential performance issues as well as how they can be improved.

1) Using cURL soap.php - An extension to the default SoapClient that allows running multiple soap calls at the same time.  
This file is referenced by the async.php file and does not need to be modified.

2) sync.php - A simple example that loops through several Secrets, making a call to each one, and displaying their Name on the page. 
This file exemplifies the potential performance issue. 

3) async.php - A similar example that has the same functionality as sync.php, but does all of the GetSecret calls at one time. 
This file exemplifies the performance gain by having concurrent calls.

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