How to display company message to end users

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In Password Reset Server 3.2, information such as notice or help contact for your organization can be customized for display to end users as follows: 

1. Locate your Password Reset Server installation folder on your server. For example, C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\installationname. 

2. If your language is English, you can go to the customresources\9\pages.xml file to make any changes.
For example, to add your company help desk's number in addition to "Need Help?" on the bottom of the page, you can modify the control "UserHelpLink" in the pages.xml file to:
<control controlId="UserHelpLink">
<property name="Text" value="Need Help? Call help desk at (111) 111-1111" />

3. You can also use the "CustomerContent1Label" and "CustomerContent2Label" controls to add customize text and link.
  For example, add the followings to display a text line "Your Message" and a text line "Your Link" with a link that points to http://localhost/myhelp.
<control controlId="CustomerContent1Label">
<property name="InnerHtml" value="Your Message" />
<control controlId="CustomerContent2Label">
<property name="InnerHtml" value="&lt;a Href='http://localhost/myhelp' target='_blank' class='UnderlinedLink'&gt;Your Link&lt;/a&gt;" />

4. The "CustomerContent1Label" and "CustomerContent2Label" controls can be formatted by changing the default.css file for your theme by adding something like below to the body section:
  1. span
  2. {
  3.     display:block;
  4.     text-align:center;
  5. }

  6. /* Generic CSS (master, main, form, content, etc) */

4. Your customized changes will appear after the Password Reset Server's Application Pool is recycled in IIS.

5. The changes will not be lost over upgrades as the customresources folder is not touched by the process.

6. If your language is not English, you can copy the folder of your language (e.g., Spanish is 10 and French is 12) from the resources folder to the customnresourses folder. For the list of languages, refer to the KB article:

7. Only customized changes should be included in the pages.xml, all other elements that are not customized should be removed for easier maintenance.

8. Make sure to save any edits under the encoding UTF-8 

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