How to create a custom view for ConnectWise synchronization

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Creating a custom view:

To create a custom ConnectWise view, your view must include the column names [FolderId], [FolderName], and [FolderTree].

  • The [FolderId] must be a unique integer mapping to the folder in ConnectWise.
  • The [FolderName] is the name to represent the customer.
  • The [FolderTree] will be the tree structure to hold the customers folder.

For example, suppose you have three folders, GrandParent, Parent, and Child.  Consider the following custom view:

FolderName          FolderID    FolderTree                     
Customer1                1          GrandParent\Parent\Child
Customer2                2          GrandParent
Customer3                3          GrandParent\Parent
Customer4                4          GrandParent\Parent\Child
Customer5                5        

Given this cust
om view the three folders GrandParent, Parent, and Child will be created in the ConnectWise Synchronization folder.  The ConnectWise Synchronization folder will contain the Customer5 folder and the GrandParent folder.  The GrandParent folder will contain the Parent folder and the Customer2 folder.  The Parent folder will contain the Child folder and the Customer3 folder.  The Child folder will contain folders Customer1 and Customer4.

There is no limit on the size of the FolderTree structure.

Example View:

  1. CREATE VIEW MyCustomView AS
  2.    SELECT
  3.        [Company_Name] AS FolderName
  4.        ,[Company_RecId] AS FolderID
  5.        ,([CT_Description] + '\' + [CS_Description] + '\' + SUBSTRING([Company_Name], 1, 1)) AS FolderTree
  6.    FROM     [v_Company_Search] vcs

This creates folders as \CompanyType\CompanyStatus\FirstLetter\CompanyName. (\Customer\Active\A\Acme, Inc)

Note: Folder names in the FolderTree that contain backslashes will break the tree structure. 
Any folder name in the FolderTree that is blank will be ignored(i.e. "Parent\ \Child").

This feature is only available in Secret Server 6.2 and above.

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